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View our latest kill video - Nael Deus Darnus. See more BA videos here (turn 9), here(turn 8) and here (turn 7 and prior).

Dec 17, 2014, 08:52 PM by Keliae | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

More catchup!  Team Pancake downed Kaliya on December 3.  Woohoo on a turn 11 kill (with two drops we couldn't even use on mains, go figure). 

Dec 17, 2014, 08:39 PM by Keliae | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

Forgive me for playing catchup.  Team Magic Toast got turn 10 down on 11/25.  Congrats guys!  Here's what Deus had to say:

"After a full night of failing Tilty threatened to show the raid dick picks and we killed it nowhere near enrage. Grats everyone."

Nov 12, 2014, 03:46 PM by Keliae | Views: 13 | Comments: 0

New content is exciting and getting our first Turn 10 kill last night was definitely a thrill.  Wish we could've squeaked it out the night before, but hey it's dead now!  We had a couple of deaths near the end that probably kept us from killing before the enrage timer but thankfully we were able to beast through enrage at the end and get it down.

Here's a video for anyone interested.

Oct 25, 2014, 10:06 AM by Keliae | Views: 8 | Comments: 0

As of last night, both of Broken Arrow's raid groups have now killed Turn 9.  Woohoo!  Congrats to Team Magic Toast on the kill!

From Temp:
"After a lot of heartache, rough nights, cancelled raids, people late and people stealing 3 million gil, Turn 9 is dead for team Magic Toast. It's been a long road, but at the end of it all I'm glad to have been part of this kill with everyone. Wiping at 1% sucks and can make everybody say FML.  Thanks to everyone who helped on the kill and Rasix's group for all the advice and encouragement. Although he wasn't here for the kill, big shout out to Destiny for all his work on the fight and even raiding on a laptop.  Congrats to all of Broken Arrow for both groups clearing Coil. Lets hit 2.4 running."

Sep 02, 2014, 12:17 AM by Keliae | Views: 16 | Comments: 0

As usual, last night we had a super low (1.4%) wipe while trying to get our kill.  Thankfully, tonight we went in and first pulled it.  Yay!  It wasn't the cleanest pull in the world and we had a few deaths, but we trudged through and pulled it together.  Congrats guys on sticking with it and solidly progressing the last few weeks. 

*high five* 

Here's a video for anyone interested.

Here's a video for anyone interested.

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